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Picture by Uli Kunz - www.kunzgalerie.de

BONEX specialises in the development and production of submersibles for professional divers with exacting technological requirements. Bonex has 13 years’ experience in the use of submersibles and is expertly acquainted with their specific requirements and customer needs.

BONEX underwater scooter is the world’s most compact professional scooter, featuring an unbeatable weight/power ratio. The 25 kg lightweight with a range of 18 km is the ideal high-performance combination. Bonex scooters can easily pull two frogmen in full gear. The specially developed navigation unit enables precise positioning on longer dives, even in conditions of poor visibility.

Bonex sets standards in reliability and safety. The highest standards of safety and effective control units are made possible by the use of premium components and first-class manufacturing processes, as well as the incorporation of many innovative detailed solutions with functional, reliability and safety features.

Bonex produces submersibles for commercial customers and public authorities such as fire services, the police, the armed forces and special units. These products are sold in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.