Shuttle HP1

Picture by Uli Kunz -



  • 60 kg weight including battery and trim
  • Runtime up to 600 min
  • LiMn batteries
  • Sealed motor
  • 5 step speed setting
  • One-handed operation
  • Material: aluminium, Delrin, Carbon


The Bonex Shuttle was designed to allow rapid access to and departure from target areas over long distances. It can be used to pull several divers and transport heavy equipment. The Shuttle comprises 2 Constellation HP1 units and a connector unit with control system. Depending on requirements, the devices can be used separately or easily converted into the Shuttle.  The Shuttle also features a low weight and ease of use. It can therefore be moved into the water from a boat without the use of any large technical aids.

Technical Data (● standard / ○ optional)

Model Shuttle HP1
Dimension 85 cm x 105 cm x 35 cm
L x W x H
incl. battery + trim
60 kg
Operating depth 150 m
Runtime full speed 240 min +
Runtime up to 600 min
Rang up to 30km
Thrust 340 N
Speed 150 m/min ( 5 Kn )
Charger 230V-50 Hz, 110V-60 Hz
Charging time 5 hrs.
Amount of batteries 2 x 2
Chosable between battery
Main switch
 5 step speed regulation
Temperature control
Propeller cut off
Performance control
Battery protection
Soft start
Update possible
System handle with picatinny rail
Tow Belt
Torque Control
Navigation unit
Boyancy unit
Torque Control
Convertable to 2 Constellation HP1
delivery available